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Architecture is branding

It strikes me as funny, that after having been a professional designer for my entire adult life, the realization that design is a perceived value has only recently come around full circle. As I prepare notes for this paper I find myself blowing the dust off of various... read more

New York City Needs an Iconic Taxi.

There is an old adage that says “criticizing is easy, offering a solution is hard”. Oddly enough in the case of New York City’s Taxi of the future, the Nissan NV200, that saying works better backwards. Designing something better is easily done; criticizing it is... read more

3D as a second language

The advantage of knowing 3D in the creative thought process. There is a theory that knowing a second language strengthens your primary language. It states that a second language speaker gains an advantage that is more than the sum of the two languages, it’s called... read more