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research & strategy, brand development,  architectural and interior design services across diverse market segments:

Agencies, Retail Industry, Architecture firms, Real Estate developers and Experiential Events.


We are the creative force behind many physical & digital projects around New York City and the world, having established ourselves as a point of reference when ideas need to become reality in the built environment.


By integrating brand strategy, architecture, retail expertise and market goals, we arrive at design solutions that allows our clients to meet and surpass their initial objective.

Theory on Museum Labels

I have noticed something peculiar in all my years of visiting art museums.  There is an understated yet undeniable relationship between the visitor, the art piece, and the label. Yes, the identifying label that ubiquitously hangs to the side of every artwork. Some...

Sanitized Personal Workspace

Feel save at your open office desk again, with the Sanitized Personal Workspace.

UX & Architecture

UX includes all aspects of an interaction and experience by a user of a product. So my question is, why is UX not an integral part of Architecture?

Creative Singularity

Will there be a 'creative singularity'? The imminent arrival of the Technological Singularity is omnipresent, at least in the press, board rooms and TED conferences.  You cannot escape it, it’s enthralling and its palpable.  It has even began to elbow its way into the...

Design Not Thinking

Design Not Thinking If design is the execution of an idea, then this picture is a testament to the importance of correctly executing an idea. This is a wonderfully clear example of how NOT to design a bike path in a dense urban environment. The picture brilliantly...

Starcks Royalton was a great idea

    A very late postmortem to a great design idea I realize I am woefully late to lament the Royalton’s remodeling, roughly 10 years too late to be precise, but sometimes it takes that long to feel the void of an idea.  While walking along 44th street last...

Aspiration as Design for New Dhaka

  Abstract   Among the many challenges that Urban Planning faces in developing countries none is more readily solved and yet more often ignored as a design element than the perception and aspiration of belonging to something meaningful. Mega developments,...


This powerful app and camera has everything you need to concentrate on what’s really important while you walk; your smartphone screen.

Our curious ability to un-see

its not easy to forget a visual. This fact is particularly important when creating a visualization and should be kept at the forefront of your decision making process.

Architecture is branding

  Perceived Value   It strikes me as funny, that after having been a professional designer for my entire adult life, the realization that design is a perceived value has only recently come around full circle.  Its taken me this long to realize architecture is...
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