What’s next for the open office? This Is.

Jaques Tati - bad UX in architecture

Most of us have worked in an open office environment at some point and many of us are excited yet also worried about the day we have to return to our desks. Worried about the difficulty to effectively safeguard ourselves, and yet still work together enjoying the synergies and comradery that comes with proximity to our colleagues.
Disinfected offices are good, so are purifying systems in the HVAC system, but are these good enough?
We don’t think so.
Many commercial office buildings and work environments were already classified as deficient by OSHA well before Covid-19, and now they have fallen even further back.
One thing that many experts agree upon, is that if you can control the quality of the air at the individual desk, you can go a long way toward reassuring the user that their immediate environment has been vastly made safer.
Soon we’ll be introducing the SPW, Sterilized Personal Workstation, currently being developed by an international team of designers, architects and engineers at bbcreative in New York City.
We have been hard at work for several months locking up patents and building prototypes.
Keep watching this space, we’ll be unveiling this game changer very soon!